List of Lecture Videos available:

For West Los Angeles College

For East Los Angeles College

  • Math 110: PreAlgebra
    5th ed, by Elayn Martin-Gay
  • Math 115 and Math 125: Elementary and Intermediate Algebra
    5th ed, by Johnson Ellenbogen, Bittinger
  • Math 227: Elementary Statistics
    11th ed, by Triola

For Santa Monica College

  • Math 31: Introductory Algebra for College Students
    6th ed, by Blitzer
  • Math 20: Intermediate Algebra
    3rd ed, by Sullvian Struve

Good Additions:
Larson's Calculus
Larson's PreCalculus
MIT OpenCourseWare for Mathematics
MIT OpenCourseWare Lecture Videos on Single Variable Calculus
MIT OpenCourseWare Lecture Videos on Multivariable Calculus by Prof. Denis Auroux
MIT OpenCourseWare Lecture Videos on Linear Algebra by Prof. Gilbert Strang